Saturday, February 26, 2011

health tips for computer workers

maintain good health while working in front of your computer may often ignore, without your realizing it work using the computer was very risky to your health if you do not notice it.

you may often feel dizziness, eye pain, or even nauseous after working at the computer?
for that I write tips for you to stay healthy and can still work.


  • maintain visibility of the computer is the most important things for our eyes do not hurt, the ideal viewing distance is 50-70 cm.
  • consume fruits and vitamin supplements to support your health. Vitamin A is important for your eyes stay healthy.
  • uses eyeglasses or a pair of anti radiation computer screen guard on your computer so that the light is reduced computer screen highlight
  • adds a light contrast of the computer screen.
  • work in a fairly light.
  • adjust your sitting position so that after working at the computer does not hurt your body
  • give the time lag, if the work you do in front of the computer takes a long time, give time to stop for a moment to rest.
  • and the final wear footwear for your computer safe from static electricity.

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