Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AT & T plans to buy T-mobile with 'USD 39 billion'


AT & T plans to buy T-mobile with 'USD 39 billion', T-mobile United States from Deutsche Telkom AG planned to be bought by AT & T one of the telecom giants from the United States in wirelles market. even in the offer price of AT & T is very large for T-Mobile is about USD 39 billion.

but it seems that in the run mega acquisition of AT & T will not just happen,
At & T have to await a decision or approval from the FCC and pepartmen judiciary. The department will investigate and learn more about this.

pros and cons ensued, imagine if T-mobile be bought by AT & T? combination will produce a new telecommunications giant that will control three-quarters of the telecommunications market in the U.S.. and will be very difficult to control the power that is too big.

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