Monday, March 7, 2011

new macbook pro in March 2011

new macbook pro is a product that will be launched by Apple in March 2011. macbook that will be introduced in April will certainly a generation of new macbook with the various features and more superior than the previous macbook product.

new macbook line is inspired by the latest thin macbook air
. Or DVD drive will not play in pairs on the new macbook, and this means that only will be equipped with solid-state drive 512GB. congestion reduced by the internal speed of a flash memory drive and new CPU sandy bridge. Apple also more speed interface external connections.

with faster CPUs, larger hard drives, solid state storage and anti-glare screen, you will definitely feel amazed and attracted to new macbook 2011.


macbook 2011 new price is as follows:
13 Inch MacBook Pro: $ 1.199
15 Inch MacBook Pro: $ 1.799
17 Inch MacBook Pro: $ 2.499

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