Saturday, July 2, 2011

Accessories for motorola Xoom tablet

Accessories for motorola Xoom tablet already provided to support all your needs regarding the use of these tablets, motorola accessory that provides four specially made for this motorola Xoom. accessories are:

Arotective gel cases
is a protector that also enhance the look of your Motorola Xoom, protective gel cases are available in several colors to choose from. price $ 29.99

Speaker dock
Compaq is a built-in speakers which provide for hands-free video chat, music, video, and applications. price 129.99

Car charger
Xoom is a battery charger when you're in the car, so you will still be able to charge your battery even while driving though. price $ 29.99

Wireless keyboard
is a keyboard that is connected by bluetooth to the tablet Xoom, you will be able to access the full keyboard with this. price $ 69.99

will be more complete your motorola tablet Xoom with the  accessories  is served, and of course it will simplify your job.

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