Friday, April 29, 2011

Tablets from Lenovo Thinkpad X220s has been launched with the concept of 'ultra-portable laptop'

Lenovo re-announced its new product, ThinkPad Tablet  X220s with the concept of ultraportable laptops . result is a laptop that can reach 24 hours of the life and 16-hour pad optional external battery. processors are in use even the second generation intel core.

you also provide the option in the latest Intel Core i7 or i5, with the code name sandy bridge. X220 is also adopt Intel vPro are very supportive of enterprise-level security and management technology. you can play videos with high definition quality for X220 also comes with Intel's graphics technology HD.

not only that, the new Intel processors X220 comes with a chip maker's turbo boost teknologi 2.0 which can increase the processor speed when heavy workloads, while ratcheting down when the load berkurang.sehingga you can access information technology degrees. Lenovo adds its own turbo boost and making the CPU remains in turbo mode at a certain temperature limit.

Another feature is the 8GB of system memory, an optional USB 3.0 ports, a built in webcam, WiFi, and the system hard drive to 320 GB. Thinkpad X220s tablet will be available in April with prices starting at $ 899 and $ 1,199

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