Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alienware m17x 2011 (laptop special for true gamers)

Alienware m17x 2011 is a new laptop in 2011 specifically designed for game lovers. Latest Alienware comes with the ability to run a game that is more in fulfill, in addition to the attractive design makes it difficult to express your gaming laptop is great.

This dream laptops are designed with Intel quad-core, CPU sandy bridge, AMD's switchable graphics, and SSD samsung. not only that, if you feel less satisfied with 17inch screen display 1080p, m17x provide built-in transmitter WirellesHD that lets you send a blue-ray movies to a larger screen.

comes with a sleeker design, a backlit buttons in the middle of a very responsive support what you are doing with this m17x. one of the coolest is the backlighting on the keyboard, logos and ring around the touchpad with a few colors that pamper you.
the price of this laptop is quite fantastic, which is about $ 3,300.00
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