Sunday, June 5, 2011

latest Asus UL80JT with core i7 'offer long-lasting battery up to 12 hours'


latest Asus UL80JT with core i7, ASUS has launched its latest UL80JT type laptop with several advantages that pretty tempting. not only appearance in the update, the latest UL80JT Asus comes with a very good processor capacity to support the performance and energy savings.

yes, with Intel Core i7 processor Asus is doing, not half-hearted This laptop offers high performance and power-efficient battery up to 12 hours. this processor is very unusual, because given the relatively high performance but instead could save up to 12 hours of battery energy.

on Asus Laptop UL80JT presents a dual graphics card option, namely an integrated Intel GMA 3150 and a discrete NVIDIA GeForce 310 GPU. Asus 33 turbo boost technology in it to make faster processors 33% when in need. you interested? Asus UL80JT these sell for 750 euros

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