Sunday, June 5, 2011

CR-48 review 'first laptop with OS google chrome'

CR-48 is the first laptop that comes with OS google chrome, this laptop is very special.
What are the advantages? whether on his PC? whether the keyboard? following we shall see about the CR-48 Laptop.

Laptop with 0.9-inch thickness has a weight of about 3.6 kilograms. Was too heavy? not, even you will amazed with the look of this sleek CR-48.
battery in place under the chassis and has the capability to 8 hours, and on the left side there is a VGA connector port, lined up the right side USB port, 3.5 mm headphone jack, SD card slot.

laptop CR-48

too many surprises at present by CR-48 laptop, which first attendance at the keyboard, a layer of soft rubber will make you comfortable when typing.
The second thank you google has 1280 x 800 resolution wrapped into a dimension of 12.1-inch screen this laptop. side speakers is enough to pump up your energy with the music.
The third new settings window that lets you load a new page when outside the tab simply by pressing Ctrl + N, this is like a virtual desktop.
quite different from the next is the other biggest difference between the versions of Chrome and desktop versions that we noticed is that not all extensions can be installed, even people who registered with a fairly new icons and meta data in the Chrome Web Store.
and other surprises are promised as it has in, available free from verizon 100MB of data for the first two years after purchase.

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