Friday, July 27, 2012

LG Cinema Screen 55LM8600 , 55-Inch Cinema 3D with 1080p 240 Hz Dual Core and Smart Features. Review

LG Cinema Screen 55LM8600 a 55-Inch LED-LCD HDTV that offers a 3D experience combined with a variety of intelligent features a stunning, stunning display that brings 3D into your home theater. Applications and remote 4-mode magic that created the highly innovative to provide comfort to enjoy the beauty in it.

55LM8600 comes with a 55-inch LCD display that offers a full-1080p, a large screen with high resolution to bring more than just the beauty of life, they frame the brightness of each image. This is always a 3D Cinema showing all the sharp, captivating detail per pixel to provide clarity even when you're walking on the 3D fast with extra quality. they even give more than 2x the pixel resolution so you will not find images wash over there.

Superior design is shown with almost no bezel frame along the edge of the LCD screen, providing a broad perspective that you have ever had. we get the whole family to get a sharp image clarity and color even in every corner of the screen. while the lower lip is decorated with chrome LG logo gives the impression of luxury, it is forwarded to the feet that have a curved design to the back, very beautiful. approximately 57.1 pounds with the same average 57-Inch LCD screen, and the total size of the product 48.5 x 13 x 31.3 inches.

Powered by LG dual core processor technology that provides faster data processing system, even they provide quick access to Internet content, seamlessly surf, open a web page and better processing of applications.

Experience the best audio visual quality you get, introduced the '3 D SOUND zooming technology 'which menyesiakan sound richer, more powerful for 3D content that you enjoy. deeper bass, vocals, detail and precision even more powerful sound.

some exclusive features of the LG:

  • New 4-Magic Remote mode that gives you the convenience to perform the control on your HDTV with a wave motion, they understand what you want then there sensor responds quickly. Learn More
  • SMART SHARE is here they are designed to give you easy to share with multiple devices in the home daily, you can easily run the content from PC, tablet, smartphone via WiFi and get incredible display there. Learn More
  • PICTURE WIZARD II that they allow to optimize the image as the point of color, black levels, sharpness and brightness of the backlight. Learn More

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